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There's a place inside my dreams
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A Leighton Meester/GG Cast Picspam 
3rd-Nov-2009 08:12 pm
[d] more than skin deep
Apparently when there's exams around the corner I procrastinate by flipping through pictures of Leighton, and I guess that's what prompted this. So here's a picspam of some of my favorite Leighton/GG Cast ships in no particular order.


“[Leighton has] pretty eyes and lips” ~ Taylor
“Taylor is really cool. She played a song for me recently and it was very good. It's very rock, which is very refreshing. “ ~ Leighton


“[Leighton] and I have the same humor so we always have each other in stitches.” ~ Nicole
“I love the days when [Nicole and I] are on set together because she always manages to crack me up.” ~ Leighton


“[Leighton has] great lips.” ~ Penn
“[Penn’s] gums are nice” ~ Leighton



“I have a lot of fun working with Leighton…We’re really good friends in real life.” ~ Jessica
“[Jessica has] beautiful skin, lips, eyes, and a gorgeous heart.” ~ Leighton



“Leighton and I are so close.”
“[I want] to make out with Leighton.” ~ Michelle



“[Leighton] is the most interesting, sophisticated, talented and extremely funny person that I know. She's really hilarious." ~ Sebastian
“We still hang out…He reminds me of Ray Liotta” ~ Leighton



“When you're hanging out with her, you're free to do anything…If people would be shocked by anything about her, it's how nice she is, how personable. And obviously, she's gorgeous.” ~ Chace
“[Chace] is so sweet and cultured… He knows he’s hot but…he doesn’t let it get to his head and I think that’s really attractive.” ~ Leighton



"The first thing I thought when I met Leighton was, ****ing hell, this girl's gorgeous…and she's got the most tiny little gorgeous figure." ~ Ed
“Ed is just incredible…. I find him to be the most down to earth, cool and sweet guy." ~ Leighton



“We’re good friends.” ~ Blake
“She’s a beautiful woman and she’s a dear friend.” ~ Leighton



Pictures: blairwarldorfs, penn_leighton, chace_leighton, bleighton_squee, l-meester.org, chaceonline.com, ed-westwick.org, leightonmeesterweb.com
Gifs: made using gifsoup.com

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3rd-Nov-2009 04:14 pm (UTC)
thanks for this <3
4th-Nov-2009 11:54 pm (UTC)
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